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Tanzania has more than 120 tribes with different cultures. Maasai and Bushmen tribes are primitive tribes which have managed to keep their customs and traditions. Their behavior and primitive life attracts tourists hence most tourists ask to visit local villages to experience their culture. Maasai tribe villages are near to most Tourist destinations like Arusha, Ngorongoro Conservation area, Loliondo, and Masai Mara. So it is easier for travelers to visit Masai and hadzabe villages in Lake Eyasi as they do wildlife safaris in northern Tanzania.

Tinga Tinga arts are the activity sign which was left and hence tinga tinga paints are still a practice which attracts much tourism. Tinga Tinga is a name of famous painter who was drawing several pictures of places and wild animals in form which catch eye of beholder. History is not to forget, Ngorongoro conservation area hosts finds of Dr. Leakey research of anthropology and also place with Olduvai Gorge. History also tells about Tanzanite gemstones, tanzanite jewelry. Tanzanite is a gem found in one place in Tanzania and only in Tanzania.

Another culture activity is crafts and Antiques like Makonde carvings. Makonde is a tribe of southern Tanzania famous and well known in East Africa for producing naturalistic sculptures. If you are looking for interesting souvenir of international value, then buy Crafts, carvings depicting wild animals available in the region.

Antiques also include women crafts like baskets, HATS and table mats made of local materials like palm leaves, banana tree barks and local made cotton clothes.
Tourists are welcome to visit cultural heritage and buy all gifts under one roof, bargain discount price.

Cultural tourism trips to visit nearby Arusha outskirts villages can be organized. Your accommodation in Arusha can be reserved at Budget Hotels, Lodges or Luxury hotels. Arusha is a safari town in northern Tanzania where all wildlife safaris can also be organized.

Arusha is also near to Kilimanjaro International Airport, JRO whereby International flights like KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Lufthansa e.t.c lands and brings tourists to northern circuit of Tanzania. Arusha also have its own local airport whereby regional flights and local flights operates.

In Arusha town there are several shops which sells tourist souvenirs, crafts and tanzanite jewels, tanzanite gemstones to bring home as gifts.

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